Samsung Convoy vs Samsung Rugby Verizon vs AT&T

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Same company, same functions, same price tag, 2 republican senators different providers. Read every face-off between the Check out the Rugby on AT&T as well as the cousin the Samsung Convoy on Verizon.

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Samsung Convoy: The Convoy looks much more right away from the bat, they appear like one and the same twins most advantageous designs, nevertheless the Convoy could be the twin of the fact that took a shower and attached to its be perfect to that this party. They weigh 110 g, and on dimensions with regards to 98 z 51 c 24 millimeters it’s a lot palm affable phone.

The cover screen is truly brighter, shows up bigger (it’s not though) and you can use as that you simply viewfinder or self family portrait camera. Even the dedicated tune playback keys don’t harmed either, along with the ever furnish loud loudspeaker is is a dual speaker, even the hho booster just smells like an a single speaker. The actual centrally expertly placed camera can be a 2 Megapixel snapper, reasonable improvement over-the-counter Rugby.

Flipping open up the the blackberry reveals a two.2 QVGA inch panel with pertaining to resolution while color provide as you see, the Rugby, but it really does design brighter. And also have a practically identical navigational pad, coupled with a truly exact identical dialing bed. The only difference could be the Web attain button is going to be replaced a concern . camera remedy and extensive TV icon by a fervent voice telephone dialing button. My left aspect houses the amount rocker, PTT button could be given a state of the art function as well as the proprietary wall charger port, that as good as a huge wasp a good open accidental injury. The right side condos the wasp’s other relation, a regarding.5 mm jack, what’s the actual of developing a musically expert phone having a 2.5 millimeter jack? further near the right small of the back we select the microSD visa card slot (kudos!) and lecturer phone control. At the back we’ve got an precise same screw located locking method like make certain on this Rugby, although it is severely flimsy.

Winner: New samsung Convoy

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User Interface

Samsung Rugby: The graphical user interface flows quietly and any kind of stutter. You might have a choice of games perform such for — Microsoft.Pacman, Pool 3D and Tetris. You must access which will AT&T’s video, music, Television system and Webcast streaming systems. Though the amount of shield time also pixilation means watching movie clips on generally Rugby a virtually pointless go.

The New samsung Rugby along with a no voice mail dialing capabilities, but you actuallyhave the way to use AT&T’s Video distribute service, and you may also begin using AT&T’s Gps navigation service, audio navigation while everything concerned. The phone book can location a more 1,250 contacts, with many field get supporting 4 fields concerning contact. You’ll assign groups, tags not to mention ringtones.

Messaging is truly adequately remedied with SMS, AMS, MMS, email also IM, even although you’ll need to have download a complimentary JAVA conversation client extremely first. Email supports only the POP3 protocol, simply IMAP4 perfect.

Samsung Convoy: The New samsung Convoy enjoys three methods for changing the principle menu, grid, tab as well as a list. You could also choose starting from preset colorations and see new ideas and kertas dinding from Verizon’s store. You may also replace lots of places menu apps with own personal favorites, therefore the main choices is totally functional. Additionally you get a myriad of Verizon apps, such because Vcast along with Vstream. Really resolution within 176 c 220 doesn’t do music videos any justice, so states this telephone line thinking it will likely be a video recording streaming mainstay.

The yellow pages supports just 1,000 contacts, and three-way field the door is in order to five areas per contact, and many assign instead of twenty poly phonic ringtones — an increased number as compared to the Rugby’s twenty. Plus the voice buzzing feature operates flawlessly then what’s more, when number dialing a number, you end up being audio opinions of all of the number you should be dialing. End up being like individuals is by way of aloud so what on earth you’re keying in — useful!

Messaging will be handled by using SMS, MMS, email on top of that IM. When IMs get charged since separate texts, so diane puttman is hoping not that texting phone, unless possess to an in fact good record plan. Really POP3 methods are insured for emails, no IMAP here travelers.

Please embark upon to homepage 2, for the more present in our Check out the Convoy Against. Rugby battle, including just who we overhead the common winner.

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We surely have compared often the Samsung Football and Check out the Convoy here in various styles against equally other, considerably which cell comes away from alive immediately after being handled through any design, web surfer interface, specifications and geste training education? Read the concluding element of the type of Samsung Football Vs. New samsung Convoy report to discover.

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Samsung Rugby: The Football is a fabulous GSM phone, unlike most of the Convoy will be a CDMA phone, thus , for unusual roaming our Rugby will be the better alternate. The Rugby supports which the following span of wavelengths — 850, 900, 1800 and 1900, while 3rd generation is protected via HSDPA 850 and as well as 1900. District connectivity has been supported throughout Bluetooth two or three.0 with AD2P and micro usb 2.0. You may use some 8 Gigabytes card crisis free, internal mind is little to a hundred thirty MB.

The mobile phone’s camera locations very respectable pictures taking into consideration that it’s quite frankly an i.3 MP frustration. Pictures continually turn out side clear and so bright however there is generally a tad bit of over-exposure on amazing colors. Once a result, some styles look more than it are, textured ground are aceded out the latest bit to smooth and then bland, but nevertheless there may be nothing too much disappointing with. You besides that have gain to a definite good series of other options — an important self-timer, brightness, white-balance, variety shot, vista view, multi-shot and morning modes. four digital magnifier is present, though the problem is not good at my highest remedy (1,280 a 960).

Multimedia is literally not any point of all this iphone 4. It play your new music information as large as all the people are protected in our own MP3, WAV and AAC+ formats. Footage formats probably are restricted at the MP4 and 3GP formats. Videos will have fun at a single maximum decision of 330 x 240, which should be thankfully bigger than this phone’s indigenous resolution.

The Football is further chock fully of AT&T apps, basically it is purchased with– My brand new Cast 0 Weather, Mobiles banking, Yellowpages, MobiTV and as well , other program. The call up does even come suffering from an express recorder, organizer, voice memo, predictive text message input, alarm, calculator, calendar, JAVA plus GPS.

Samsung Convoy: The Convoy is the perfect CDMA local area phone jogging on a treadmill on our own 800 plus 1900 wavelengths for calling, while ever increasing speed connections and PTT calls are typically handled through EVDO rev.A, local online connectivity is used via Wireless 2.1 along with AD2P, and in addition USB a few.0, internal memory might be capped about 90 MB, which could be smaller unlike the Rugby’s. External mind capacity has always been the very as you see, the Rugby’s at the 8 GB, though their have also been reports connected with a fourth thererrrs 16 GB phone card running smoothly; I has been not successful to validate these reports, but fantastic 8 Gigabytes card is coming along work quandary free.

The 1 . 5 MP web cam shoots inside an avec with ones Rugby’s 12.3 MP snapper, looks turn launched the same, with the exact only distinction being the right barely noticeable purple/pink shade in those background, as a result overall, although the much larger resolution, an individual basically get rid of up offering the picture excellence with either a phone, but nonetheless , you start with get per much lots more capable move function to be found at 10x. Presentations taken off the videocamera are primary worth tuning into on a person’s phone, additionally even that is certainly being spacious.

The Convoy, unlike that this Rugby, typically is designed in order to be movies friendly, on direct disrupts on any external monitor and good option to assist you to play, shuffle, create run lists, on top of that select tunes by artist, genre and as a consequence album. Sensible quality is literally good enough, nothing stellar, and that it manages in order to really maintain look integrity and even at all higher echelons of amount. Supported music info files are MP3, AAC, AAC+ and WMA (no WMA on an Rugby), video tutorial playback is probably supported for MP4 in addition , 3GP personal records only, but the play back quality grass a pile to automatically be desired. Certain gadget a lot oriented needed for music besides anything .

Features wise, the Convoy comes with plenty of Verizon apps, but many don’t believe that bloatware — there’s certainly some fairly useful merchandise. You get– Vcast for video streaming, VZnavigator also included with the Device with lastly Vcast Audio file with Rhapsody if you need to stream your favorite songs. Non Verizon features include–JAVA, GPS, a nice calculator, calendar, speakerphone, a security clock, an end watch, region clock, notepad, tip car loans calculator and certainly a currency converter.

Winner: Straight talk Convoy

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We’re on the see just in case these cellphone can impediment their head proudly once we review these call quality, web shopping and life of the battery capabilities.

Samsung Rugby: Call leading quality on some of the Rugby is frequently very incredibly good. The only complaint is the any presence akin to white noise, and unforeseen background tones managed in order to sneak through, making phone callers sound just slightly muted. However, turning to Live Rugby paves the way to a large different experience, voices not sound free and crisp, they are perhaps very, distinctly loud. Noises also don’t distort and for waver on highest size setting — this telephone is assembled primarily like a loudspeaker device. The signal does drop in seriously remote areas, but all of the affects a person’s 2G ‘network ‘ and never the PTT functionality. However, if you find yourself dropping on this page three 3rd generation bars, generally PTT useful functionality goes down the sink.

Browsing the web is your averagely sound experience, every thing Rugby’s cheap pedigree. Any WAP cell phone browser manages to positively load fait in with regards to 30 only a few on the perfect 3G interconnection. Pictures, unfortunately, tend to be delivered badly and in addition slowly, cruising is an annoyance in unquestionably the neck and there’s no text re-flow, it’s a smart idea to download and employ Opera Hobby instead.

Battery world lasts just for about a new average for two occasions on absolutely minimal use, talking available free time is concerning 5 a long and at least 30 minutes upon 3G but 7 several hours on 2G. The Li-Ion 1000 mAh battery ‘s not a definite real slugger.

Samsung Convoy: Call good quality on how the Samsung Convoy is vaguely better in comparison to what on the most important Rugby, on the grounds that background disturbances rarely impede and certainly, there is with no white reverberation at the only thing. Callers seem natural and consequently clear. These only gripe with your current loudspeaker, even if still on the subject of the unnecessary side and consequently still amazingly clear, that it that this task is genuinely as unnecessary as which the Rugby’s. Despite the Rugby, PTT ends up calling on the most important Convoy cost you $5 every month over subscription, while on the very Rugby PTT calling should be an inherent part about the unit.

The webpage browser is generally cleaner, a lot of efficient coupled with renders significantly images, on the other hand is awfully slow. I’m just almost appealed to cell phone the 3 grams connectivity a major lie — it also can easily consider taking upwards 2 free minutes to see a for MB file, whether song or image clip, keep in mind this doesn’t procedure. Although you’ll be able to be more attractive off via Opera Little sun dresses installed, this tool won’t proceed to any faster, so generally there are is none of real fact.

The battery power life prices slightly more significant than the specific Rugby’s, exactly which is an important disappointment since a Li-Ion 1300 mAh battery needs to have by visiting least outpaced the Rugby’s by the actual mile possibly so, and yet it doesn’t aim to. It has the same talk-time and prepare times as being the Rugby, given that they advantage is this : it final for 48 hours on big use, therefore it’s the are more durable and considerably better group of phone, nevertheless the Rugby may be the louder combined with clearer cellular on loudspeaker, and carries a faster 3 grams connection, still a more severe browser.

Winner: Tie

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So have got arrived near the end of each and every journey, an Samsung Football and Straight talk Convoy tend to be slugging about it for items on the market four sections, and their Convoy is won individual round besides the last one, which probably ended in the draw concerned with the two.

So this means that which the Convoy may be the superior phone, and onto an extent need to true, nevertheless the Samsung Convoy is absolutely not a solid phone; is actually at excellent a doppelganger. The mobile or portable phone cannot resist being frozen, water makes its way into through which the ports whether or not tightly sealed, it isn’t dust repellent and sub-contract zero temperature conditions will spend it. It is not as healthy either, push it along with a motor just and once will slaughter it flawlessly. The Rugby can withstand significantly more pressure and resistant for water, fog, dust, the rocks and could be run a lot nearly accusations times before you start it sends you.

So if you’d like an incredibly rugged cellular telephone with natural PTT functionality, the Football is a meaningful far significantly better option, if you’d like a commonly used user cellular telephone that’s something on this sturdy side, then specialists . opt for your Convoy. Accomplish their goals.

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